RDA Rodent Control

Rodents pose a significant health risk to people and pets, carrying common diseases such as Salmonella, Weil’s disease, E.coli, Cryptosporidiosis and Tuberculosis. We will provide convenient solutions to get rid of them in your home, premises or garden quickly and safely.


The Brown Rat is a common visitor to our gardens and occasionally our houses. There is usually a logical reason why this unwanted pest turns up, as Rats are simple creatures that only require food, water, and harbourage to set up home. If there is bird food on the lawn, fresh food waste in the compost bin, then they have all they need for a long and happy stay. A professional survey of the area, followed by a trapping or rodenticide baiting programme usually clears up the infestation in a few visits, and leaves you with invaluable information on how to prevent any future re-occurrences of the problem.


If you have mice it is most likely to be the Wood Mouse (or Long Tailed Field Mouse). Unlike rats, mice are rarely a problem in the garden, however, when they find their way into an attic, through a broken air brick or other crack or crevice, they will keep you awake most of the night. Although it isn’t that common, they have been known to chew electric cables, destroy personal belongings and fall into water tanks. Therefore treatment is advisable once you know that you have a problem. A professional survey of the area, followed by a Rodenticide treatment programme usually clears up the problem in a few visits.


Although they look adorable, squirrels are not a creature that you want in your attic or chimney. During the Autumn and Winter they can move into your attic looking for a suitable place to nest. They are very destructive and have been known to chew through just about everything from cardboard boxes, electrical wiring, and pipe lagging. Trying to block up their entrance is usually futile, as they will often find another way in. A trapping program is the most humane way of dealing with a Squirrel problem. This will involve several visits to ensure that the whole scurry (yes, that, or ‘dray’, is the collective noun) has been dealt with.