RDA Controlling Other Pests

The number of pests that could cause you problems are numerous and varied, and it is important that the solution is correct first time. We will survey your premises and ensure that we formulate the most efficient way to treat the both the pests and the causes.


A few rabbits coming into a garden can usually be dealt with fairly quickly. However, it is likely to only be a temporary cure, as unless an effective rabbit fence is constructed it is only a matter of time before more find their way in. A combination of treatments during the Summer and Winter is needed to control them.


In some countries moles are given protected species status, however in the UK they are considered a serious pest by damaging gardens and contaminating feed for livestock. A regular pest to our gardens, Moles can cause substantial damage to lawns in a surprisingly short space of time. Usually it is only a couple of moles causing all the damage, but it is possible to have a company of 5-6 Moles working in one garden. As a member of the British Traditional Mole Catchers Register RDA Pest Control specialise in trapping programmes to humanly solve your Mole problem.


The Feral Pigeon is a major pest, often moving into barns, warehouses and disused attics to live and rear their young. A broken window into an attic room is all that’s needed for Pigeons to gain access. If left untreated their numbers will increase, and any future treatment programme becomes very costly due to the significant health risks associated with clearing away the droppings and nesting material. In warehouses and barns their droppings can cause damage to any stored products, and a health risk to any employees working there. A live catch trapping programme, or shooting in certain situations is the best form of control. Followed by possible proofing of the area to prevent a reoccurrence of the problem.


It’s mainly during the nesting season that Starlings become a pest to many householders, as they like to nest in fascias and attics. While they are nesting there is little that can be done, but once they have left it is important to either repair the broken facia that allowed them in, or block up the gap under the tiles that they managed to squeeze under. If not, then they will return next year. Sometimes it is advisable to remove the nesting material and apply some insecticide to the area to kill off any unwanted insect pests.


The Fox can be a problem in the town or the country. Whether it is scavenging from dustbins of taking pet Rabbits or Chickens, it can be a real pest. A survey of the problem is essential to establish what treatment is needed, as sometimes preventative measures to stop a Fox gaining access to an area is all that’s needed.


Many gardeners have been victims of Deer damage, from Roses to vegetables, they will graze on what ever they fancy. Preventative measures are the best course of action in most situations. A survey of the problem area will give you invaluable advice on how to protect your plants from further damage.