RDA Contract Pest Control

We help protect any property from all types of pests including ants, carpet beetles, cockroaches, fleas, flies, and wasps, as well as mice, rats, squirrels and moles.

On every visit we will monitor and re-bait (where necessary) all insect and rodent control stations; this will show if there is any current pest activity and help to eradicate any insect or rodent problems. We will also check external entry points to make sure that rodents cannot gain entry to your premises – we will advise you on any additional work required.

We will also write a report at the end of each individual contract visit, the report will be left on your premises for your review or for any environmental health visit that you get throughout the year. A pest control contract is a brilliant attribute to have for any business.

All pest control contracts are for 12 months – our basic insect and rodent pest control maintenance contracts start from just £1.30 per day.